About Us

Our Company

    A college is a social enterprise established to prepare future citizens through socialization and moulding process. The learners first get something from the society directly and indirectly in the form of breadname, fame, fortune and many other forms.

  1. To arrange for periodic assessment and accreditation of institutions of higher education or units thereof, or specific academic programmes or Projects.
  2. To collaborate with other stakeholders of higher education for quality evaluation, promotion and sustenance.
  3. To undertake quality-related research studies, consultancy and training programmes.
  4. To stimulate the academic environment for promotion of quality of teaching-learning and research in higher education institutions
  5. To encourage self-evaluation, accountability, autonomy and innovations in higher education

We move ahead with the following vision kept in our mind:

  • To make quality the defining element of higher education in India through a combination of self and external quality evaluation, promotion and sustenance initiatives .

With thia aim, our college has been working and striving hard since its inception.

To promote the following core values among the HEIs of the country:

  • Fostering Globel Competencies among Students
  • Inculcating a Value System among Students
  • Promoting the Use of Technology
  • Quest for Excellence

We intend to inculcate such values in each of our students studying here.